My almost teaching experience

We know that things have been tough for many people all through the pandemic. As we like to say – “we’re not in the same boat but all in the same choppy waters”. I also lost some students when I moved to online classes and I’ve been trying to find new approaches to obtaining new students in the midst of so much competition.

Celebrities we're all in the same boat | Celebrities Complaining About  Quarantine | Know Your Meme
Definitely we’re not all in the same boat

So when I saw a want ad on LinkedIn for independent business private teachers sponsored by YZ* (not their real name)- a very well known and respected organization based in Switzerland, I thought: why not? Let’s go for it. I have know-how, know-why and 25 years of experience teaching business students.

Online Business English solutions and instructional tools for businesses -  American English Academy
Business English in ESL/EFL

I applied for the position, did the tests, sent the presentation video and followed all the steps required.

One or two weeks later I was contacted for an interview which was quickly scheduled – we had a great chat, we built rapport, I was told they urgently needed a business teacher for the Latin America region and it was defined that I would be starting soon, the payment fee was settled and a contract signed.

I followed the online tutorials (too much emphasis on the recording of presence, tasks and evaluations, but ok… an organization must have concrete ways of measuring a student’s commitment and a teacher’s performance).

After watching all the tutorials I had a few questions – such as:

  1. what do I do next? (silly, right?)
  2. How and when will I be assigned my students? (duh)

I contacted my “EF agent” and got an automated reply that her email was no longer active. I assumed she had left the organization.

Ok, I tried to contact the ones responsible for the private teaching program but the only responses were automated emails telling me I had to schedule a meeting. Finally I managed to schedule a meeting 3 weeks later – Ok, here’s my fault, I wasn’t feeling very well on the day of the scheduled meeting (after such a long wait) and I had gone to the doctor completely missing the time for the meeting. I tried to reschedule, no such luck.

Now I’ve seen a couple of times the same want ad in recent weeks, that is, they have moved on without giving me any opportunity to get started. Talk about a disappointment in a respected language teaching company. What makes me sad is that I do believe we could mutually benefit from my work and their network.

Lessons learned? Don’t count your eggs before they’re hatched and don’t judge a company by its general reputation. Gotta know it better.



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