Laughter is, most of the times, the best medicine

Coincidentally today two of my classes worked with humor. One lesson was part of the last chapter of the textbook dealing with humor as a science and why we laugh. The other class it was the student with a real upbeat spirit making the class light and the activities move smoothly. Learning to laugh at themselves is a task that both teacher and students must learn.
This afternoon the student walks into the room and says “I took some alcohol before the class”. I thought ok, now I have an alcoholic student. She meant to say she was regularly using the hand sanitizer gel. Go figure. ūüėú
Another funny situation when she said vacuum and she meant vaccine. She was confusing the English word with the Spanish “vacuna”. She also said CIDA instead of AIDS. The funny confusions of learning a 3rd language.
Sometimes we come across a student who no matter how hard she tries she seems not to make any progress. She does almost all her assigned homework, has reached an upper intermediate level after years and years of classes but still fumbles the ball when having to produce the simplest sentences. As her teacher I can choose between snapping at her saying: how can you be so thick/ dimwit or any other less than flattering adjective. Or I can laugh it off and start again. I choose the latter. Mo



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